There is a reason we are the number 1 choice for IT Value Optimisation...

Transform the value of your IT investment with Optimisation, Advisory and Negotiation services relied upon by the world's largest companies.

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IT Optimisation

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There is a reason we are the number 1 choice for Telecoms Cost Savings...

Leverage the power of Market Intelligence and the art of Negotiation to radically improve your Telecoms investment.

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Telecoms Optimisation

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A Revolutionary Solution for Managing Vendors and Contracts in the Cloud...

Stop using Excel and other clunky solutions and start proactively managing your contracts with our simple, powerful and easy-to-use cloud based application.

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Cloud Software

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Why choose ordinary when you can choose extraordinary?
100% of our clients rate our service either 'excellent' or 'very good' including some of the biggest and most demanding brands in the world…

  1. Exceptional results delivered as a result of exceptional systems. The exceptional results we deliver for our clients are achieved through our relentless pursuit of 'systems excellence'. We deliver the same way every time ensuring we meet the standards of excellence our clients expect of us every time
  2. We only hire the very best talent. We only hire 'A Players' because you don’t have time to deal with B team performers. We invest heavily in our recruitment and training to deliver the maximum value for the minimal impact on your time.
  3. We value long-term relationships over short-term profits. Our business is our clients. They are the reason we exist. We focus on our clients’ long-term goals and they reward us with their loyalty.
  4. Transparent & accountable. We deliver clear, simple and detailed real-time reporting. Our clients see everything that we see and that's why they trust us.
  5. Our risk, shared rewards These are tough times. Our commercial model allows our clients to choose for us to share their risk. We invest our own money and resources. That's our commitment.
  6. 3rd party advantage Our 3rd party perspective delivers outstanding value for our clients through a fresh perspective, independent analysis and unrivalled market knowledge.
  7. Global & agile We are global, versatile and agile. Our consultant model allows us to deliver large teams quickly anywhere in the world.
  8. Independent As a private owned and funded group we answer to you - our client - not to our shareholders or investors.
  9. Vendor agnostic We have no affiliations or financial relationships with any IT or Telecoms vendor anywhere. We never have and we never will. We deliver for our clients and our clients only.
  10. We mirror your work style Whether on site, off site, VC, face to face, conference call, Skype, IM - we are flexible and agile and work like you want us to work.
  11. Continuous and never ending improvement We are always working on improving every aspect of our practice and service, it's in our DNA.
  12. Track record 100% of our clients rate us either 'excellent' or 'very good'. We are trusted by some of the world's biggest and best brands, because we deliver the very best results in the industry.